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Jensen/Ptaszynski Architects is proud of our years of successful and award-winning architectural practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. We strive to build solid, long-term relationships with our clients based on trust and understanding.
Our firm has more than thirty years of experience designing a broad range of building types. We have especially deep roots in custom residential architecture, with a breadth of experience in commercial, retail, industrial and multi-family housing. This background has led us to a practice which addresses each architectural design on a unique basis. Each project is evaluated and designed in terms of its own individual needs and opportunities. We manage this in a collaborative manner, playing to the strengths of each of our staff members, and with extensive dialog with our clients.
Harley Jensen retired from the practice in 2005, leaving Andre Ptaszynski as sole proprietor of the firm. Andre graduated from the Yale School of Architecture and has practiced as a principal in an architectural partnership in Burlington, Vermont. He has also worked in New York, London, and Alaska. His extensive travel and serious involvement in photography have contributed to his strong design abilities.
This broad background has provided our firm with the experience of working with a variety of clients, including local governments, corporate clients and developers. We take pride in working closely with our clients to produce carefully crafted projects which work within their budget, provide exceptional value and serve them well.